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What Are Edu Backlinks And What Are They Used For

whatareedubacklinksEdu backlinks are defined as simply an incoming link to a website or a web page. They are the tool by which, search engine optimization (SEO) is achieved. The number of links to any given site or page is how the SEO companies determine the popularity of a site, and is the information they use to decide where or how high on their page ranks they will choose to locate it.

The value of a link is based on several considerations. Backlinks from authoritative sources are extremely valuable, especially when the sites at both ends of the backlink are concerned with the same general topic. The SEO evaluates the relevance to content; and this plays a major role in the eventual page rank. They also consider the number of relevant backlinks.

Alternatively, building too many links to a site can have the opposite effect. Commercial SEO companies have built in systems for tracking this information; and will use it as part of the process in their page rank determination.

Traditionally, edu links refer to educational or government sites. Generally, when you see . Edu instead of . Com or some other designation, you are expecting to see an official or authoritative site at the other end of the backlink. SEO companies appear to give preference to the edu designation, even though they may claim that they do not.

The use of the edu designation is not restricted to any particular type of site or page, any more than a . Com would be. The result of this situation, is that individuals and business are determined to obtain edu designations for themselves; because they believe that this is the way to ensure a top listing in the page ranks. Expert rank builders agree with this assessment, and claim that a mere 5 edu links for your site can raise the page rank noticeably in only 72 hours.

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