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Tips For Getting Edu Backlinks

edu backlinksWhen trying to promote a website people often use various means of getting their site to the top of search engine results. They may use the right keywords, submit guest articles to article submission sites and so forth. One method you may not have considered is edu backlinks.

Any site with . Edu will generally relate to an educational subject. It is possible to buy .edu backlinks but this can be expensive and risky. As with a lot of products it is worth shopping around to see what is available.

However it is also possible to be a bit more creative. For example there are a number of forums that use software that is also used by a . Edu site. Using the same software can often help in this respect.

Furthermore you can simply register with these forums and comment on their blogs. Ideally these comments should be relevant to the forum in question. If you want your comment to be approved then it should relate to them and your site. For example if a university is doing a study on plants and you run a garden centre then you may give them some feedback. Equally if they have a job listing on their site and you need someone to write for you then this is both a good way to get a vacancy filled and promote yourself at the same time.

Another approach is to be a guest author on one of these sites. Unlike a forum comment you will have to give a bit more detail. Using the earlier example you could talk about looking after plants and giving tips, or responding to a project that the website had been working on.

In short the best way to get edu backlinks is to be open minded and creative. However it is also sensible to not abuse any systems. With a sensible approach and the right use of your resources you can promote your website in the right way.


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