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The Free Edu Backlinks Secret Part II

backlinks that rockIt’s great to see that you are still here. I suspect your still skeptical, and well you should be. Honestly. Haven’t we all been ripped off by so called Gurus hawking their latest tricks and gadgets? I have, more times that I’d care to recall.

But believe me this is different.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick gimmick, or a push-this-button and watch the money roll garbage. And it’s certainly not some black-hat strategy that would do little more than cause you trouble. My Free EDU Backlink strategy is an entirely white-hat approach! Let’s not waste any more time. Let me show you the results. Here is a screenshot of the Google rankings for one of my sites.

I registered this domain on August 24, 2011. On August 25th, after I fixed some DNS problems, I put an empty WP site in place. To my astonishment, the empty site was in the top 100 in no time, thanks to my content-relevant keywords.

On September 4th I began to write the EDU blog set-up-guides for you. Because I needed some screenshots to make your set-up procedure as smooth and easy as possible. I posted 5 or 6 articles on blogs that contained my anchor text links. You can see on the graph (above) what happened next. My site went

 Zoooosh!! – straight to the Front Page of Google!!

 As I write this (on September 8th) my site is ranking #6 for this keyword; and it’s making 2 additional top 10 rankings with others. In less than 2 weeks this brand new site made it to the top of the SERPs

trouncing 30 million competitors

with nothing more than a handful of links,

on a front page that´s plastered with Adwords ads, which proves that this is a keyword worth ranking for.

free edu backlinks in action

As always, you will need to do proper keyword research, and for certain keywords you may have to wait a little longer for these kinds of results. But I don’t have a single URL that required more than a few weeks to make it to the front page of Google searches—thanks to the power of these Free .EDU Backlinks.

Stay tuned and read the rest of the story in my next post.


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