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powerfull edu backlinksThe Free Edu Backlinks Secret Part III


Hi there, it’s nice to have you with me again. In this blog I’m going to share with you the “super secret” about the powerful free edu backlinks strategy.

In my last post I emphasized the importance of blending authoritative .EDU backlinks with “relevant content” backlinks. The added value of including links from relevant, rather than random content is one reason why many successful Internet marketers submit their articles to article directories or create blogs linked to their “money sites.”

However, because most of their blogs are on Web 2.0 sites they don´t carry as much weight as they might think. Here is the today’s “super secret.” From my experience I assure you that the real power comes from a blog that is hosted on a trusted .EDU domain!

You might ask,

“Wait a minute!”

“.EDU blogs are reserved for students, professors and employees of the institutions, right?”

For the most part, that’s true.

But get this—it’s huge!

A little-known fact is that a few educational institutions actually run multi-user websites that allow us, the general public, to sign-up and post our own blogs or wiki pages—for FREE! It´s similar to WordPress or Blogger—we simply sign-up and post our own content on their authoritative .EDU domain!

Compared to a WordPress blog, your .EDU-based post will be

100, perhaps even 1,000 times more powerful.

Your “Super-Blog” will push your URL

to the front page of Google.

In fact, one of my recent blog posts there was on page two of Google for a keyword phrase that indexes more than 10,000,000 competing websites! Do you get it?

A simple 300 word article made it to page two because it was hosted on! Amazing!!

Are you getting a glimpse of the power such a link will provide once it’s pointed at your money site?

Like a gold miner or a diamond hunter, I´ve spent a month, painstakingly scouring the web to locate as many of these gems as possible. Now you can take advantage of my effort!

Get Free Edu Backlinks Yourself

Never pay for wimpy profile links  or blog comments no more! I’m ready to give you detailed step-by-step guidance in how to set up your content on first-class, authoritative .EDU domains. Armed with this, you’ll be able to get as many FREE premium .EDU backlinks as you want – whenever you want. You’ll blow your competitors out of the water!

These are links caused each of my sites to reach top spots on Google; and they will do the same for you!


Michael is a full time internet marketer and writes constantly about various topic related to internet marketing, linkbuilding, and the latest software solutions for IMs.

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