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incredible keyword research

Finding those profitable, yet untapped niches is maybe the most challenging endeavour for Internet marketers these days. With millions of upcoming websites each and every day it can be a pointless task if you don’t know where to dig. But although I considered myself to be pretty good in choosing the right keywords to go after, I came across a guide some days ago that left me more than opened mouth.

I don’t know if you heard about it yet, but Alex Cass released a new WSO called “Dream Niches” and I can honestly recommend it to anyone who’s taking Internet marketing seriously. I’m not writing this here because of any commission I might get if you buy Dream Niches thru my link – although I don’t mind if you do 😉

I’m writing this because I’m absolutely convinced that this guide may help anybody no matter if you’re an experienced marketing veteran or a complete rookie. I purchased the ebook myself and even the OTO (an awesome video course for even better understanding). And I was totally blown away!

That’s why  I’m going to give you two links to the offer page at the end of this post – one with my affiliate link included and a bare one. It’ll be up to you whether you found this post useful thus honoring it or not.

So what is Dream Niches all about?

Well, it’s nothing less than a completely thought after concept for finding yet untapped niches with very little competition but noteworthy search volume. Niches in which you can setup a brand new site and get it ranked on the front page of Google in literally days. You got me right! I’m talking about front page ranking in days not month or years. When I first saw Alex doing this, I could hardly believe my eyes. He found niches with some thousand searches per month with hardly no competition at all. And you don’t even need expensive keyword research tools, just the good old Google keyword tool plus your brain and imagination.

To give you a better understanding I’m going to show you an excerpt of one of the video course…

Now, this is just a small excerpt of the complete course. The ebook is 64 pages of priceless knowledge and the video course is around 2 hours of even more awesome stuff. I’m into Internet marketing now for almost 3 years and making my living from it, but I’m sure this will push my income to a whole new level. After reading the ebook and watching the videos I began to implement these techniques. I did half a day of researching new niches and set up 5 new domains, with almost blanc sites just like Alex did in one of his case studies. These sites contained

  • Keyword match domain
  • One H1 headline with targeted KW in
  • One picture with keyword in the Alt-text
  • One paragraph of text with keyword in

That’s it. No long hours of content writing. No sophisticated backlink building or whatsoever. I solely made a short video using Animoto, created a handful of backlinks from my .edu blogs and threw a couple of Social Bookmark on them. Then I laid back and waited for the results.

Three of the sites where in the Top 10 within 48 hrs. and after just one week I achieved 2 Top 3 rankings, 2 additional Top 10 rankings, and 5th site is on pos. 12 already. This is absolutely incredible!

After all the frustration coming with the latest Penguin update (almost 50% of my sites got slapped) I finally start seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. But even if you haven’t got hit that hard, this info will make you marketers life much more easier. You will learn

  • How to play the keyword tool like a piano virtuoso
  • How to discover profitable keywords no one else is targeting
  • How to spot in minutes whether a keyword is easy to conquer or not
  • How to reproduce and expand this technique, for tons of cash gobbling niche sites

… and much more. I’ve been working with a lot of keyword research tools over time, be it Market Samurai, or SEO Powersuite, just to name a few. But this course turned my approach to keyword research literally upside down. I can recommend it to everyone who’s looking for fast and breath taking results. Right now the prize for it is at $ 11 Dollars for the ebook. The OTO (video course) – not necessary but recommended is $ 27 Dollars.

You can get it here (blanc link)

or here (my Affiliate link embedded)

It’s your choice. Anyhow, you should get it as long as it’s available since many WSOs get taken down after a short time already.


Michael is a full time internet marketer and writes constantly about various topic related to internet marketing, linkbuilding, and the latest software solutions for IMs.

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