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How to Get Free Edu Backlinks that Score

The Free Edu Backlinks Secret Part I


get edu backlinks that scoreIn what I call “the war of the websites” one of the most powerful weapons to wield, if you want your sites ranked on the front page of Google, is Free EDU Backlinks. You are about to discover a closely guarded SEO secret; one that will give you a massive advantage in the ranking wars.

Hi, I´m Mike, and I assure you that I’m no “Internet guru.” In fact, until a year ago or so, I only had a handful of websites with which I fought to earn a living. The battle to get my sites to the top of the SERPs, which is where the real money is, was daunting. I struggled with it for quite some time before I stumbled upon a secret to

Get virtually ANY website to the front page of a Google search

Today, not only do almost all of my pages rank in the top ten search results, additionally I receive a decent amount of cash each month from helping other people get good rankings. And most of this I owe to this “secret weapon” that hardly anyone knows about:

How to get EDU Backlinks that really score

It´s about how to get dozens of them, hundreds, even more than you believed was possible. And I´m not talking about some low-grade profile links from dubious little-known third-world universities, which you can buy scores of on Ebay. Not at all.

I´m talking about real heavy-weight MONSTER Links!

In order to explain to you what makes them so powerful, let´s picture typical SEO discussions these days.

My guess is that around one-half of the SEO professionals would agree that .EDU backlinks carry a lot of weight when it comes to pushing your website’s. They believe that the trust level alone  that these old and honorable domains represent is enough to make them invaluable. It’s true, links from .EDU domains will improve your ranking. Of course for maximum value you should also use anchor text links.

However, other SEO professionals disagree and will tell you, “a link is a link regardless of its domain extension.” They’re convinced that it’s the links relevancy that gives it weight. In other words, a backlink that’s embedded in content that is related to your site is what pushes your page to the top of Google, regardless of whether it’s a .EDU domain or not. They follow the guideline of

”Content is king”

Using links from related content is the best way to improve your ranking. And again, you need anchor text links.

Here is the secret. They are both right! But what would happen, I wondered, if we could combine trust and relevancy? I tried it, guess what happened?

I created A MONSTER!!

Anchor-Text Backlinks + Links-From-Related-Content + Trusted .EDU Domains = TOP RANKING!

Honestly, this formula will launch your sites through the roof, straight to the top-spots on Google–the place where the money is! With the help of these powerful links you can get virtually any site to the front page in no time; and this not only for niches nobody´s interested in like “fresh milk from Tibetan highland goats” or sh** like this.

Get this. This secret pushed my weight loss, quit smoking and investment niche sites to the top as well. And it will do the same for you!

Next, I’ll show you how to get high-trust .EDU backlinks, how to get FREE and do so again and again, whenever you want, as many as you want!


Michael is a full time internet marketer and writes constantly about various topic related to internet marketing, linkbuilding, and the latest software solutions for IMs.

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