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How Do You Get Edu Backlinks

Where there is a will, there is a way; and obtaining edu backlinks is no exception. There are actually several ways to obtain one. First of all, there are sources online that will be happy to sell you edu links; or they will sell you the information you need to get one for yourself, if you do not already know how.

Second, there are also websites, or mostly blogs, where people are more than anxious to explain all kinds of schemes for getting an edu. One popular notion is posting help wanted ads on college websites. This is all fine and well if you have an actual job to offer; but if you do not? Another way to go about gaining access to a college site edu is practiced by some link developers. They purchase a student page on a college site, and then post their link there and vice versa.

No matter what these sources tell you, do not believe them. Authentic edu links cannot be purchased. They have been reserved for educational institution linking, and are not available for sale to the public.

Of course, there is always the honest way to get the edu link to your site. Write quality, informative content; that is truthful and deals only in facts. Then links to and from authority sites can be acquired legitimately.

Today when a demand arises, there is always someone who can figure out a way to accommodate that demand. The question becomes, is it legal or ethical to do this? While it may not be technically illegal to use an edu link, is it really ethical to appropriate a designation that was intended for official or educational sources, for your personal or business use? It is important to remember that other individuals depend on the edu designation to lead them to information that they need; they have no interest in wasting their time viewing your personal website or blog.

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