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High Quality EDU Backlinks Meeting On-Page SEO

unitedSome guys seem to think it would be enough to point some high quality .edu backlinks or high PR links to their site to make it rank on the top of Google. But sadly the game isn’t that easy. To get the max from your backlinks you have to prepare your website for success first. So just like a farmer, you need to cultivate the ground first to achieve a plentiful harvest. Look at your powerful edu backlinks as the seed that requires fertile soil to grow.

Perhaps you have heard of the terms “on page SEO” and you are not sure what it is. This kind of search engine optimization concerns your website content. Here is a closer look at these terms and how they can be used to improve your business. Anything that you upload to your website is considered “on page” This includes the images, backgrounds, links, and texts. It also includes HTML code and scripts. One of the most important things it includes is your keywords, and how they are used at your website.

When a search engine bot spiders your site it looks for certain things, and one of the most important things is keyword density. Keyword density refers to the amount of times your keywords are used in your copy, and this includes titles. For example, you may have the keywords “auto parts” in your meta tags. If you use these terms many times on your web page, it will appear to the search engine bot as spam. This is because spammers use a practice known as keyword stuffing.

In the past, one could get away with keyword stuffing techniques, but not today. You need to understand where to place your keywords and also be careful how often they appear in your copy. The best practice is to keep keywords below 1.5 percent of your copy and make sure they appear at the beginning of the first paragraph and toward the end of the last paragraph. This allows the bot to scan all of the copy on the page.

Things like boldface text and headings are also considered when search engines scan a website. It is important to be conservative with your bold text, headings, and sub headings. This is due to the fact that spammers and scammers use a lot of bold text and titles to grab the attention of their reader. If you do not want the search engine to think something is wrong with your site, limit these things.

Another important factor about your web pages is titles. Search engines lend a lot of weight to titles, as they are often linked back to the search engine. To optimize your site for search engines, make sure the title is keyword rich and effectively describes your site.

Search engines look at links on your pages. This means that if you have a lot of anchor text, it may go against you in your popularity ratings. A lot of anchor text can mean that you are over promoting. For example, if every sentence of your copy has a product link you are going too far, and all of your hard work may go down the drain.

For making your backlink strategy, either with edu backlinks or other quality links work out best, on page SEO is very important.  So you’re always well advised to learn as much as you can about how the search engines scan and rank websites. This will help you prepare your site for the best results. One of my favorite teachers on this field was (and is) Jared Croslow because his tips always come straight to the point and by just putting his free SEO flightplan into practice get’s you almost on top.


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  1. Samuel Mathers

    Yes Edu links and Onsite optimization is a lethal combination for good rankings in Google. With all recent panda and Penguin updates the Impotance of linker and anchor text diversity is also important

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    will edu backlinks helps in increasing my page rank

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    wow nice but i want .edu backlinks

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