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Would you like to get .edu backlinks from your own .edu blog? If so, I’m going to share something extra special with you. In the video below will find a step-by-step instruction how to set up and run your very own blog on a trusted PR 8 .EDU Domain. Now, this is not only one of the regular .edu wikis but a real blog you have total control over. This littles the chances of getting your content deleted or manipulated by other users. In order to get maximum results I’d recommend you to post quality, unique content and even include media such as pictures or even a video.

The video will guide you thru the setup procedure. You’ll find the link to the registration page just below the video.

Setup Guide Carnegie Mellon University











Sorry video file is broken – but registration link is working.

Click Here to Register

Just a final word: Please don’t spam your new blog! If used responsible you may create almost endless high quality .edu backlinks without sprending a single dime. Abusing it may lead to deletion of your blog.

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