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Free EDU Backlinks List from Wiki Sites

edu wikisEDU Wiki sites are great for link building for two reasons:

1. They provide the opportunity to get your links surrounded by related content, and

2. They come with the “trust factor” of the root domain.

I often come accross people’s links for whom it seems to be enough to just have a link on an .edu domain, and so they leave “blank” links just like in profiles. But I really think that, if you want to max out the effect you should really go for “in-content links”. Post an article related to your topic and embed 2 or 3 anchortext links and you’re good to go.

The following list contains around 25 .edu wikis, mostly in media wiki format. These sites are a bit tricky when it comes to implementing your backlinks since they don’t work with html code. In order to make your links work you’ll need to use the formating as followed:

[ keyword]

But don’t worry, in the download file I have attached a setup guide that should work for most of these edu wikis. Even for the ones in foreign languages since the basic concept is al´ways the same.

To keep the URLs save from big G’s eyes I decided not to publish them here. Instead they’re packed in this zip file:

Download Wiki EDU List

Hope you can make best use of them, and happy edu backlink building.



P.S. Just one final tip: Don’t link all .edu backlinks to your money site only. You can and should also link them to your 1st or 2nd tier backlink sites.


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  1. Madhushan

    Hi Michael,

    Thankyou for the wonderful list. I spent more than 7 hours yesterday trying to find wiki backlinks before finding your website. Thankyou so much.

    Why don’t you have a donate button? I would surely donate a dollar or two if I found one in the sidebar widget.

  2. Backlink Butler

    Thank you for the very good list!