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Free EDU Backlinks List from Wiki Sites

EDU Wiki sites are great for link building for two reasons: 1. They provide the opportunity to get your links surrounded by related content, and 2. They come with the “trust factor” of the root domain. I often come accross … Continue reading

55 More Free EDU Backlinks

Down below there’s the freshly harvested edu backlinks list. But before putting them into use you may be interested in a discussion I came accross these days. Topic: Are .edu backlinks still important? Here’s the opening post on the forum … Continue reading

Get EDU Backlinks From Your Own Blog On Carnegie Mellon University

Would you like to get .edu backlinks from your own .edu blog? If so, I’m going to share something extra special with you. In the video below will find a step-by-step instruction how to set up and run your very … Continue reading

Free EDU Backlinks List 10-2012

As you may have noticed, I changed the structure of the posting a little and switched from a static page with the links on to posting format. This is to give you a broader variety of sources over time and … Continue reading

Learn The Importance Of Free Edu Backlinks

For any online marketer, first page ranking will always be the number one goal. However, with a stiff competition going on in the internet such goal could be a lot of challenge which is why one is encouraged to look … Continue reading