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Buy EDU Backlinks But Watch Out for the Traps

watch for trapsBuy EDU Backlinks Smartly


In these crazy days it seems as if you can buy edu backlinks almost everywhere: I’ve seen offers in various SEO forums, on Ebay, and even on Fiverr. Being once something extra special and precious, they now get sold by dozens or even hundreds.  But are they worth the money, and what’s behind this .edu backlink hype?

Why People Want to Buy EDU Backlinks

Let´s face it, competition is getting tougher all the way. According to Google each and every day around 1 million new websites get launched, all heading for the same goal: The top of the SERPs.

With competition stiff, time and money short it´s no wonder that many website owners are searching for a short cut to the top and edu links promise to serve just this. Providing SEO services myself I came across quite some of them and although most didn´t have any clue about SEO works almost all had heard somewhere that they need .edu backlinks to rank highly. The more, the better… perfect victims for racketeers.

Buy EDU Backlinks and Drop in the SERPs?

When you take a closer look on what´s offered for a fiver or little money you will obtain that mostly you´ll get low-grade profile links or comment links from heavily spammed blogs. But at least after Google´s Panda update these kind of links are more than dead. In fact the can actually harm you site, if .edu or not.

I´ve been working for a SEO client in spring and helped him with 3 of his sites that could need some improvement. It was a short term contract and after pushing the sites to pos. 1 and 2 for their specific keywords my work for him was done. To my surprise he called me 3 month later, moaning his sites dropped heavily and even vanished from top site.

I asked him what he had done in the meantime and got the same answer as when I ask my wife how she made the computer crush again: “Nothing”. So I scanned his sites with Market Samurai, and guess what came up? Two of the sites had gathered more than 150 .edu links in short time, the other one still had only the few quality links I built. Two of the sites got devaluated, while the other one still stood tough on top. Now, if there ever was a need to prove that spammy links, even from .edu domains, can seriously harm a site, here you go! Thanks to this experiment of my client I gained a gratis lesson:  Before you buy edu backlinks be aware that buying cheap can cost you dear.

Go for Quality When You Buy EDU Backlinks

I´m completely convinced that backlinks from .edu domains still have great value. But you shouldn´t go for craps, go for quality instead. Ten links from related articles will serve you more than 100 links from machine-built forum profiles. And if you don´t reserve the time to do it yourself, you can completely outsource the whole process, just like I do.

I pay around 5 bucks for a well written, unique article. A high quality spin (sentence level plus word/phrase level) cost´s me another ten. That way I´ll get a least 10 completely unique, perfectly readable posts. I can then place these articles on my .edu sites myself, what takes me around one hour of time, or even outsource this for another fiver. So for a total of $20 max. I get 10 high class backlinks from trusted .edu domains and all sites come with only one or two outbound links – my own!

Since we´re all not Donald Trumpp or Bill Gates and thus Harvard will not place us on their font page, we need to buy edu backlinks in order to push our sites. But when we do it, we should do it smart – don´t skimp on quality but on quantity.


Michael is a full time internet marketer and writes constantly about various topic related to internet marketing, linkbuilding, and the latest software solutions for IMs.

8 Responses to Buy EDU Backlinks But Watch Out for the Traps

  1. Dan

    You’ve just confirmed what I always suspected, buying links is bad news because you really don’t know where they came from until its too late. I foolishly blog commented on a .edu blog that had 621 comments on it yesterday! Cringe. I think its going to come back and bite me in the you-know-where

  2. Renata Holtmann

    I found some good ones here as well.

  3. Andrew@ Feed The Children

    Mike, you really outdo yourself with the outstanding service you provide. Thank you for the EDU links and the integrity you provide within it all! Buying from you is definitely buying EDU links smartly!
    ~ Andrew (Returning customer)

  4. Andrew@FeedTheChildrenWorldHunger

    Hi Mike,

    I love this whole site you have here. Thank you for your services. I’m curious about the spun articles you put on 10 high quality backlink sites. Do you just aim to rank your homepage high or do you do this .edu backlinking for every post?

    If there’s no spot to enter your Website url on the backlink page, or do you put it in the comment box with your article?

    How long is your spun article? I would figure that just a good, high quality comment would be good… say a paragraph long or so.

    Your experience is much appreciated and sought 🙂 Feel free to email me. Thank you, good sir.

    • Mike

      Hi Andrew, welcome and thx for your contribution. To make it short, the beauty of these high quality backlink sites is that it´s not a regular comment your posting but a niche related article you can decide on completely free. And you’re not limited to just one link, thus have to post a new one for every one of your post. I usually post article of around 500 words and put 2 to 3 links to different pages into. To give all of you a glance of how it works, here’s a sample page (not my very best of course) Get FREE EDU Backlinks. Just click on the “+” sign on the right and a field will pop up. Fill in your article title and click “create”. Next paste your article body and create the links with the built-in editor. Click save – that’s it. Happy .edu backlink building 😉

  5. Bizixx

    edu backlinks are so much impressive for any website.We can say all these kind of backlinks high authority backlinks and SEs especial Google gives very high priority to these backlinks.
    Fantastic video with awesome backlinks information.I hope this video will do a great help to all link builders.
    Many Thanks!