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How to Add Links to Youtube Videos

youtube logo goldVideo marketing is the big thing these days and if you think about the number of users Youtube has you definitely want to be on board. But to make this actual work you need your Youtube viewers convert into site visitors, right? Now, one problem is that Youtube does not allow you to add links to videos. So most people try to work around this hassle by adding annotations, saying “click the URL below the video” or so. But let’s be honest, this doesn’t look too professional. does it?

Today I came across a really cool method how to add click able links to your Youtube videos that I want to share with you. This is an amazing way to work around the standard Youtube limitations and can put your video marketing efforts on a whole new level. And due to the fact that hardly anybody knows about gives you a true advantage over your competitors. Don’t worry, it’s completely legal, can be done in minutes, doesn’t require any programming skills, and costs you only pennies!

The result will look something like this:

add links in youtube videos

All you need to make this work is

  1. A Youtube Video (of course)
  2. A Google Adwords Account

If you don’t have an Adwords account yet, I recommend you to set it up before you watch the video below. It explains in detail how to setup that click able video overlay.

I was constantly looking for info on how to add links to my Youtube videos but only got poor results. But with this info I  was able to get it up and running while watching the video. Great stuff, and a big thanks to Todd Bennett for making this public.


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