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55 More Free EDU Backlinks

55-free-edu-linksDown below there’s the freshly harvested edu backlinks list. But before putting them into use you may be interested in a discussion I came accross these days.

Topic: Are .edu backlinks still important?

Here’s the opening post on the forum board:

Few years ago the edu backlinks were the “holly grail” of link building, I had clients that were spending thousands of dollars on sponsoring different teacher and student university pages and after the announcements that the .edu backlinks have the same authority as regular links a lots of webmasters were discouraged to use them.

Have you ever tried to outrank websites like Tumblr, WordPress, etc? An interesting thing is that every single of those websites has a lot of educational backlinks pointing back to them, thus making it almost impossible even if you’re replicating the same type of backlinks etc.

So why are these .edu’s important?

  • They’re among the first websites ever created since the beginning of the WWW.
  • Educational Institutions are well known and also promoted by the desire of knowledge.
  • There are limited numbers of websites and universities therefore every link will count.
  • Very hard to replicate, you will have to own an university first before applying for a .edu TLD(lol)

I do know that even with some edu backlinks I will also need to diversify as much as I can the backlink sources for my websites and this is where a lot of us are failing to do.

What’s your input regarding this type of links?

And here’s what the members think:

majority of .edu sites are authority sites. so as per backlinks they are important.

Google penguin update is more like an On-Page algorithm, .edu backlinks are providing a slightly different authority, giving you the right advantage to overcome your competition.

People using edu links for just satisfaction. In reality, edu links are just dead(zero value).

Wanna bet? What are your arguments for edu backlinks being dead?

With all the latest google updates all my websites maintained their rankings and 20% even improved 2-5 positions. I think it’s a clear win for using only quality backlink sources, +1 for the edu links

Now, I don’t want to write down the whole conversation here. If interested you can view the thread here.

But as it looks like many people still believe in the extra power some good .edu links may give to your website. Of course you can’t rely on them alone, as you can’t on any type of links today. You need to mix it up but I go with one of the contributors thinking they might give you the right advantage in though competitions.

Anyhow, here’s your fresh list. Have fun and take care 😉

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    Thank you for these list of backlinks. I am hoping that these will overcome some of the hits I’ve taken from Panda recently because of their high authority