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If you have a website, and search for free .edu backlinks, you already know it: The internet is all about traffic. You can have the shiniest website, the hottest product, or the most valuable service; as long as your prospects can’t find your site, it’s all pretty useless.  This is even more true when you’re doing affiliate marketing. Not only will you need targeted traffic to your website – you’ll need tons and tons of it.

Basically there are 2 ways of getting that traffic to your site

1. You have a big budget you can pay for traffic instead of doing this whole SEO thing.

2. You rely on free traffric and thus need good rankings in Google & Co.

How can free .edu backlinks help you?

Watch this short video clip, my friend the priest did for me some times ago.

Now,  since you are obviously already here, no need to type anything into your browser 😉

Me, like most of my visitors on this page here, I’m running several websites using all kinds of business models: PPC, CPA, Affiliate offers, Amazon, etc, etc. Unfortunately I don’t have the resources to buy big traffic, so I’m depending on free traffic and high rankings. To achieve this I’m constantly harvesting and buying lists for my own linkbuilding efforts, always happy when I can find something for free. So why not offer something free too? And maybe you find some interesting advertisement here too 😉

Finally here are the free lists you came for

1. List of .edu blogs and wikis

Great for building content links to your tier 1 or even money sites. Sparkle in anchor text occassionally.

Click here to download wiki list

2. List for .edu profiles

Great for building branded links or plain URL links. Use for money sites with caution!

Click here to download forum list

Sorry if I bored you with my writing, because you just wanted to grab the lists and leave, but even I have to offer Google some SEO food to make my site rank.

Take care and may my lists help you getting closer to the top.